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The Giraudel/Eggleston Flower Growers Inc.

The twin villages of Giraudel and Eggleston, situated on the slopes of Morne Anglais, are known as the 'flower basket' of Dominica because of their fertile soils, frequent rains and growing conditions that are ideal for the cultivation of flowers. The Giraudel/Eggleston Flower Growers Inc. group is a small, community-based, non-profit organisation of men and women involved in the growing and selling of flowering plants. The Flower Growers Group works in collaboration with other community groups, government and voluntary organisations to advance the technical skills and education of its members in the areas of propagation, harvesting, marketing and management. In addition, the group manages various community development programmes in the villages of Giraudel and Eggleston and seeks to promote volunteerism and patriotism within the community and throughout the country. The group is responsible for the organisation of the Flower Show, a national festival celebrating the floriculture industry and highlighting the art of large-scale cut flower arrangement. The first Flower Show was held in 1973.

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