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The communities of Giraudel & Eggleston are located in the south of the island on the slopes of Morne Anglais. The area is particularly rich in cultural and agricultural heritage, and offers farm tours and cooking tours. The people of both villages are renowned for their flower arranging skills.
  • Visitors who enjoy hiking will love the Morne Anglais trail. At almost 4,000 ft, this is one of Dominica's tallest mountains, with a spectacular view of the south of the island from the summit. The hike takes around 2 hours each way, and you can find a guide in the village.
  • Trail to Bellevue Chopin - A less strenuous hike than Morne Anglais, this trail will take you over the mountain to the neighbouring village of Bellevue Chopin.
  • Viewpoint - Driving up to the village of Eggleston via Newtown, you will find a great view-point about half-way up.
  • Flowers, flowers, flowers - This area is a hotspot of flower growing & flower arranging in Dominica. Tour the gardens and see unique, tropical flowers.
  • Creole Cooking Tours can also be arranged for groups of 8 to 14 people.
For more information, see the Tours page. Home Stays are a popular way to spend time in these communities. Read more about Home Stays...

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